Our most important message.

Being seen is the key to staying safe while out riding. As riders, we need to take steps to make sure we stand out as much as possible.That's why Bontrager has analysed university research to develop a series of guidelines and safety accessories that help riders increase their detectability in traffic at all hours of day and night. These are the Fundamentals of Awareness: Always on, Biomotion and Contrast.Learn more about what you can do to be seen on every ride.

Here is just a small selection of what we offer in store and online. See anything you like and we don’t have it, no problem, everything can be ordered in and is usually with us within 2 days, sometimes even faster.

Flare R £44.99


Daytime visible from up to 2km away Make every ride safer with the first rear light designed for daylight visibility. Flare R's balanced optics, set off with a powerful CREE LED, can be seen from over 2 km, day or night. 65 lumens and 270-degree visibility help to make you the biggest distraction on the road. The Flare R's powerful CREE LED shine bright through balanced optics ensuring visibility of over 270 degrees. Visible over 2km day/night for the ultimate in riding safety.

Bontrager Halo S1 Softshell Shoe Covers £49.99


Beautiful biomotion The Halo S1 Softshell Shoe Cover is your answer for day and night detectability at temps at or above 30°F/-1°C. With both high-visibility colour and reflective material in a single garment, Halo provides ultimate visibility, whether during the day or at night.

Bontrager Velocis Reflective Windshell Jacket £169.99

Stay seen all season Our Velocis reflective windshell jacket keeps you safe and warm by offering nighttime reflectivity and wind protection in one beneficial package. It's designed around a dialed fit so your core stays warm on even the windiest rides.