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Bontrager Foray Mountain Bike Shoe

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£ 119.99

  • inForm Race offers a slightly roomier, high-performance fit
  • Nylon composite Bronze Series sole provides stiff yet walkable performance
  • A single Boa L6 dial allows easy and precise fit adjustments
  • The Tachyon rubber outsole allows great grip in all terrains
  • Stiffness index 6 of 14
  • Durable, GnarGuard rubberised coating protects against abrasions and fights debris
  • Compatible with 2-bolt SPD-style cleats
Trek ReferenceDescriptionSizeColourPriceAvailability
574080Shoe Bontrager Foray 40 BlackEU 40Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574095Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 40 Olive GreyEU 40Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574110Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 40 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 40Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574115Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 43 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 43Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574100Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 43 Olive GreyEU 43Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574085Shoe Bontrager Foray 43 BlackEU 43Black£ 119.99In Store
574079Shoe Bontrager Foray 39 BlackEU 39Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574094Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 39 Olive GreyEU 39Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574109Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 39 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 39Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574083Shoe Bontrager Foray 42 BlackEU 42Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574098Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 42 Olive GreyEU 42Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574113Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 42 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 42Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574111Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 41 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 41Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574096Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 41 Olive GreyEU 41Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574081Shoe Bontrager Foray 41 BlackEU 41Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574122Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 47 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 47Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574107Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 47 Olive GreyEU 47Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574092Shoe Bontrager Foray 47 BlackEU 47Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574091Shoe Bontrager Foray 46 BlackEU 46Black£ 119.99In Store
574121Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 46 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 46Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574106Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 46 Olive GreyEU 46Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574108Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 48 Olive GreyEU 48Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574123Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 48 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 48Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574093Shoe Bontrager Foray 48 BlackEU 48Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574119Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 45 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 45Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse
574104Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 45 Olive GreyEU 45Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574089Shoe Bontrager Foray 45 BlackEU 45Black£ 119.99In Warehouse
574087Shoe Bontrager Foray 44 BlackEU 44Black£ 119.99In Store
574102Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 44 Olive GreyEU 44Olive Grey£ 119.99In Warehouse
574117Shoe Bontrager Foray Men 44 Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo BlEU 44Radioactive Yellow/Waterloo Blue£ 119.99In Warehouse

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