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Bontrager Flatline Women's Mountain Bike Shoe

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£ 107.99

  • A Vibram rubber outsole for an optimised shoe-to-pedal interface
  • A uniform tread pattern provides a consistent, predictable interface between pedal and outsole
  • Directional tread at the toe and heel gives off-bike scrambling traction, uphill or down
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Durable, synthetic leather upper
Trek ReferenceDescriptionSizeColourPriceAvailability
589048Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 40 Gravel/TealEU 40Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
551938Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 43 BlackEU 43Black£ 107.99In Warehouse
589052Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 43 Gravel/TealEU 43Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
589046Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 39 Gravel/TealEU 39Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
589051Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 42 Gravel/TealEU 42Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
551937Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 42 BlackEU 42Black£ 107.99In Warehouse
589050Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 41 Gravel/TealEU 41Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
551936Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 41 BlackEU 41Black£ 107.99In Warehouse
551930Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 38 BlackEU 38Black£ 107.99In Store
589044Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 38 Gravel/TealEU 38Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
589042Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 36 Gravel/TealEU 36Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
589043Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 37 Gravel/TealEU 37Gravel/Teal£ 119.99Sorry, unavailable *
551929Shoe Bontrager Flatline Women 37 BlackEU 37Black£ 107.99In Store

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