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Bontrager Evoke Mountain Bike Shoe

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£ 89.99

  • inForm Race offers a slightly roomier, high-performance fit
  • Glass-reinforced internal nylon plate with full Tachyon™ rubber outsole
  • Reliable 3-strap hook and loop closure system
  • Stiffness index - 6 of 14
  • The GnarGuard outer protection fights away trail brush and debris
Trek ReferenceDescriptionSizeColourPriceAvailability
551861Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 40 Radioactive OrangeEU 40Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
581932Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 40 Black/SlateEU 40Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse
581935Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 43 Black/SlateEU 43Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse
551864Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 43 Radioactive OrangeEU 43Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
551860Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 39 Radioactive OrangeEU 39Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
581931Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 39 Black/SlateEU 39Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse
581934Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 42 Black/SlateEU 42Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse
551863Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 42 Radioactive OrangeEU 42Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
551853Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 42 BlackEU 42Black£ 75.99In Store
581933Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 41 Black/SlateEU 41Black/Slate£ 89.99Sorry, unavailable *
551862Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 41 Radioactive OrangeEU 41Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
551868Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 47 Radioactive OrangeEU 47Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
581939Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 47 Black/SlateEU 47Black/Slate£ 89.99Sorry, unavailable *
581938Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 46 Black/SlateEU 46Black/Slate£ 89.99Sorry, unavailable *
551867Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 46 Radioactive OrangeEU 46Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
581940Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 48 Black/SlateEU 48Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse
551869Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 48 Radioactive OrangeEU 48Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Warehouse
551859Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 48 BlackEU 48Black£ 75.99Sorry, unavailable *
551866Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 45 Radioactive OrangeEU 45Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Store
551856Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 45 BlackEU 45Black£ 75.99Sorry, unavailable *
581937Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 45 Black/SlateEU 45Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse
551855Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 44 BlackEU 44Black£ 75.99In Store
551865Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 44 Radioactive OrangeEU 44Radioactive Orange£ 89.99In Store
581936Shoe Bontrager Evoke Men 44 Black/SlateEU 44Black/Slate£ 89.99In Warehouse

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