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Bontrager Quantum MIPS Bike Helmet

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£ 79.99

  • MIPS Brain Protection System
  • Boa closure system lets you easily secure and adjust helmet fit with one hand
  • The in-mould composite skeleton increases helmet integrity and provides larger vent variations
  • The helmet pads are soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and washable
  • Internal, recessed channels move airflow over your head to keep you cool and dry
  • The removable snap-on visor and port covers provide flexibility to match your style
  • Easily-adjustable LockDown dividers provide clean helmet strap management
  • Crash Replacement Guarantee provides free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership
Trek ReferenceDescriptionSizeColourPriceAvailability
573632Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Miami Green Tile CeMedium (54-60 cm)Miami Green£ 79.99In Warehouse
552968Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium White CeMedium (54-60 cm)White£ 79.99In Warehouse
552964Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Black CeMedium (54-60 cm)Black£ 79.99In Warehouse
573626Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Blue Sapphire CeMedium (54-60 cm)Blue£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
552972Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Black/Pink CeMedium (54-60 cm)Black/Vice Pink£ 76.99Sorry, unavailable *
552975Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Radioactive Yellow CeMedium (54-60 cm)Radioactive Yellow£ 79.99In Warehouse
548287Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Navy CeMedium (54-60 cm)Navy£ 79.99In Warehouse
548289Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Medium Grey/Sprintmint CeMedium (54-60 cm)Grey/Sprintmint£ 79.99In Warehouse
548290Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Grey/Sprintmint CeSmall (51-57 cm)Grey/Sprintmint£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
573625Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Blue Sapphire CeSmall (51-57 cm)Blue£ 79.99In Warehouse
548288Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Navy CeSmall (51-57 cm)Navy£ 79.99In Warehouse
573631Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Miami Green Tile CeSmall (51-57 cm)Miami Green£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
552963Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Black CeSmall (51-57 cm)Black£ 79.99In Warehouse
552971Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Black/Pink CeSmall (51-57 cm)Black/Vice Pink£ 76.99Sorry, unavailable *
552974Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small Radioactive Yellow CeSmall (51-57 cm)Radioactive Yellow£ 79.99In Warehouse
552967Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Small White CeSmall (51-57 cm)White£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
552976Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Radioactive Yellow CeLarge (58-63 cm)Radioactive Yellow£ 79.99In Warehouse
552969Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large White CeLarge (58-63 cm)White£ 79.99In Warehouse
552965Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Black CeLarge (58-63 cm)Black£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
552979Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Ca Sky Blue CeLarge (58-63 cm)California Sky Blue£ 76.99Sorry, unavailable *
573633Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Miami Green Tile CeLarge (58-63 cm)Miami Green£ 79.99In Store
573627Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Blue Sapphire CeLarge (58-63 cm)Blue£ 79.99In Warehouse
548286Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Navy CeLarge (58-63 cm)Navy£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
573635Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips Large Grey/Sprintmint CeLarge (58-63 cm)Grey/Sprintmint£ 79.99In Warehouse
573637Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips X-Large Radioactive Yellow CeX-Large (60-66 cm)Radioactive Yellow£ 79.99In Warehouse
552966Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips X-Large Black CeX-Large (60-66 cm)Black£ 79.99Sorry, unavailable *
552970Helmet Bontrager Quantum Mips X-Large White CeX-Large (60-66 cm)White£ 79.99In Warehouse

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