After over a year of research by Trek And Bontrager, the basics to staying safer on the road today can be boiled down to what we call the ABCs of Awareness.

A: Always On. Front and Rear lights. Day and Night. Lights are more than lumens, and not every light can be seen during the day. A study from Denmark showed that cyclists who rode with lights during the day reduced their chance of a collision by 33% more than cyclists who did not. This result echoes that of the auto and motorcycle industries (25% and 13%). Change your statistic today and use Daytime Running Lights. If you only do one thing to increase your ability to be seen, choose a daytime visible head and tail light.

B: Biomotion. Highlight the body’s moving parts. Humans are predators and we are trained to recognition motion. We are also social and empathetic creatures who instinctively recognize the presence of other humans quicker than other objects. Put fluorescent and reflective material on things that move: feet, wheels, etc and make the most of this basic human instinct. Research has shown that cyclists who effectively use biomotion can reduce their chance of collision by up to 83%.

C: Contrast. Choose the right gear for day and night. 72% of retailers polled reach for fluorescent gear as a way to be seen at night. 63% reach for reflective as a way to be seen during the day. Choose fluorescent products for daytime visibility. Choose reflective prdoucts for night time visibility.

Always On Daytime Running Lights, a great selection available in store.